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OT Cybersecurity

  • Preventing Cyber Attacks
    Protects Against Cyberattacks
  • Security
    Bridges IT/OT Networks
  • Protecting against Human Negligence
    Detects and Blocks Insider Threats

What CAN THE Binary Armor® Family of Patented Cybersecurity PRODUCTS DO FOR YOU?

The Binary Armor family of cybersecurity products provide the strongest and most robust cybersecurity for edge devices.

Our technology has been tested and validated by both U.S. Department of Defense and industry labs with continuous operation since 2014 on utility SCADA and control systems.

Binary Armor products process the entire content of messages using deep content inspection with a ruleset tailored to match the operational logic of the Industrial Control Systems (ICS) to which it is deployed, ensuring only safe message traffic reaches critical systems.

Binary Armor can be configured in a protected mode that prevents any modificati