Binary Armor Secure Remote Monitoring

A secure framework designed to integrate remote sensors with the Binary Armor’s robust OT security and encrypted communication to provide time sensitive information and alerts over a secure network

The Binary Armor secure remote monitoring solution consists of an integrated set of equipment, including sensor(s) such as thermal imaging cameras or weather monitoring equipment, a Binary Armor cybersecurity device, a wireless communications device (LTE, WiFi, LoRaWAN, etc.), and power management equipment inside a NEMA-rated polycarbonate or metal enclosure.

The system, designed to withstand extended exposure to demanding environmental conditions, enables secure communications for real-time monitoring, logging, and alerting of “events of interest” including fires, smoke or other environmental hazards.


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Remote Monitoring Electrical Grid
Enhancing Electrical Grid Reliability

Overheated or leaking oil-filled electrical transformers pose a significant fire risk which threatens grid reliability. The Binary Armor secure remote monitoring solution can quickly and securely alert a central monitoring station in the event an oil-filled transformer begins to overheat or leak, speeding response time and thereby enhancing grid reliability.

Early Wildfire Detection

Wildfires are catastrophic events that can endanger the public and lead to substantial financial losses. Deploying the Binary Armor secure remote monitoring solution in remote fire danger areas provides real-time information to central monitoring stations over a secure wireless backhaul, enabling early detection and fire response.

Remote Monitoring Oil Spill Usecase
Preventing Environmental Disasters

Oil and gas companies are subject to huge fines for violations of air, water and waste regulations. Secure Remote Monitoring, deployed across hundreds of miles of pipeline and securely reporting back to a central monitoring station, provides early spill notification that benefits both the environment and oil companies.

Binary Armor Secure Remote Monitoring Information Sheet
Secure Wildfire Awareness Information Sheet

How Does Binary Armor Secure Remote Monitoring Work?

Remote Monitoring Illustration

The secure remote monitoring solutions leverage the Binary Armor’s patented, best-in-class, cybersecurity capability to create a secure communications tunnel for information coming in from the field. Utilizing commercial off-the-shelf communication networks, the solution creates a double-encrypted communications tunnel that combines with Binary Armor endpoint security to keep your OT safe.