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Binary Armor® Additional Services

The Binary Armor engineering team supplies value-added services in support of customer cybersecurity objectives. Services include:


The Binary Armor family of cybersecurity products provides security for critical infrastructure in utility, oil and gas, transportation, manufacturing and other industries. This technology has been tested and validated by multiple labs, and has been in continuous operation since 2014 on utility SCADA and control systems. The Binary Armor’s patented message engine processes the entire message content both to and from critical systems with a ruleset tailored to the operational logic of the control system it’s deployed on. This level of validation ensures only safe message traffic reaches critical systems and broader networks are protected from compromise. Binary Armor can be configured in a protected mode that prevents any modifications or updates without physical access to the system. Binary Armor provides the strongest and most robust cybersecurity to protect critical infrastructure, safety-critical systems and sensitive Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communications.

The Binary Armor engineering team has extensive experience working with customers to develop unique solutions in the areas of wireless communications, networking, cybersecurity and software development. The Binary Armor team has extensive experience supporting sensitive US government programs, enabling delivery of solutions for the most sensitive projects and fielding of systems at remote and restricted sites. The Binary Armor team offers engineering services and turnkey solutions that cover a wide range of customer needs, including:


Turnkey Solutions

As a prime systems integrator, the Binary Armor team is familiar with managing all aspects of the project life-cycle from concept to system design and delivery. By employing a highly qualified, experienced workforce, the Binary Armor team can provide end-to-end solutions for a broad range of projects including integration of sensors and systems into an open and secure architecture over wired or wireless networks.


Wireless Communications

The Binary Armor team has extensive experience in radio communications systems integration including providing solutions for cellular, mesh radio, 802.11 wifi, UHF/VHF data and voice, and other commercial and military tactical radio communications systems.


Networking and Cybersecurity

The Binary Armor team is well versed in information assurance based on NERC CIP, NIST, and other industry and government security standards. Because of its extensive experience with IT and OT systems, GAI can help design an architecture that combines operational effectiveness with security and resiliency.


Customer Software and Solutions for Data Management and System Interoperability

As a prime systems integrator, GAI and the Binary Armor team commonly need to develop and field solutions that enable disparate systems to interoperate. Leveraging the Binary Armor platform, the software team can rapidly develop robust software solutions for applications such as protocol conversion, data enhancement or analytics.


Site Survey

NIST 800.52 states that developing a risk management framework is a crucial first step in securing ICS systems. The Binary Armor engineering team will work with your operations and engineering teams to characterize system risk and use industry leading tools and best practices to characterize your network.

  • Network architecture analysis and risk assessment
    • Recommendations on improvements to the network architecture with focus on cybersecurity
    • Third party product recommendations
  • Data architecture analysis and risk assessment
    • Recommendations on improvements to data storage and flows
    • Third party product recommendations
  • Security architecture analysis and risk assessment
    • Recommendations on how to improve security architecture at both the general and cyber levels
    • Prioritization of action items


Onsite Engineering Support for Integration and System Test

Leverage the Binary Armor team of SCADA and ICS protocol subject matter experts for Binary Armor deployment, installation, configuration, validation and system field test at your facilities.


Custom Development

For special use-cases where off-the-shelf Binary Armor may not suffice, the Binary Armor team can provide customized engineering support to meet any requirement. Software can be developed using disciplined Agile methods validated with industry best practices and frequent customer interaction to ensure satisfaction. Custom development happens in the following stages:

  • Requirements Definition and Agreement
  • Sprint Planning
  • Sprints and Checkpoints
  • Product Release
  • Product Support


System Test in the Binary Armor SCADA Lab

Binary Armor SCADA lab provides the ability to test rulesets and configurations in a representative environment using a partner’s SCADA protocols. SNC’s suite of tools, including bit cannon and experience with emulation, enables rapid prototyping of systems. This service is available for validation of Binary Armor configurations as well as end-to-end system test and validation.


Network Monitoring and Alerting

Binary Armor logs and reports every network anomaly, including blocked data, and can also be leveraged to log user defined events and actions. The Binary Armor team can support you by reviewing the logs, making recommendations for immediate remediation, as required, and delivering a regular summary report about your network’s security status. Partners enjoy outsourcing this time-consuming, sometimes complex, task to the Binary Armor Team so they can focus on what’s important—achieving organizational objectives.


Engineering Support for Ruleset Refinement and System Configuration

Leverage the Binary Armor subject matter experts on SCADA and ICS protocols to update Binary Armor rulesets and configurations in fielded Binary Armor systems, ensuring the most effective solution is deployed across your enterprise.


Configuration Management and Logistics

Integration of Binary Armor configuration management into a customer’s existing system to simplify system management. We also provide a variety of sparing and logistics solutions for Binary Armor to fit customer needs.


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