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Binary Armor Data Security

Provides security and ensures data integrity for mobile and other communications

Binary Armor data security solution is a network communication technology that employs multiple network transport mechanisms to help conceal traffic from endpoints, route traffic, and construct a distributed mesh network of devices placed around the globe.

By dynamically spreading communications across all available connections, Binary Armor data security constructs a secure, distributed private network where no single node has full understanding of the network or access to sensitive data in transit.


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Data Viper
Concealed Network Operations

In addition to protecting the confidentiality and integrity of data transported over untrusted networks, Binary Armor data security's distributed communications infrastructure conceals where devices are communicating, limiting chances of detection and exploitation of remote network access.

Resilient Remote Monitoring

Binary Armor data security's ability to use multiple paths to communicate with remote devices allows remote monitoring systems to respond to cases of network outage and attacks on infrastructure nodes.

Dataviper Usecase
Distributed Zero-Trust Networking

Binary Armor data security technology requires all devices on the network to authenticate to connect, ensuring only allowed nodes can process and pass data over the network.