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On You Got Hacked, we focus on cybersecurity issues, current events and technology solutions specific to protecting operational technology at the end point to make you, your family and your community smarter, safer and more secure from the ever-evolving cyber threat landscape.

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Episode 10: The Promise of Cyber Engineering – Securing Critical Infrastructure Old and New

Our nation’s critical infrastructure – from electrical grids to water treatment plants to oil pipelines – is at constant risk of cyberattacks. With many of these systems run by older, out-of-date networks, the need for innovative cybersecurity solutions has never been more essential to keep the lights on, the water flowing and our communities running. On this episode, we talk to National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) cybersecurity research engineer Zoe Dormuth to learn more about how we combine the old with the new to safeguard our critical networks and infrastructure.

Episode 9: Countering Cyber Sabotage in an Evolving Cyber Landscape

We are constantly trying to find the best process to protect ourselves, our businesses and our communities from the growing cyber threat. With cyber security-related technology changing day to day, the need to understand the risks and how to safeguard our most important systems and data has never been more important. On this episode, we sit down with Andrew Bochman from the Idaho National Laboratory and an author of Countering Cyber Sabotage: Introducing Consequence-Driven, Cyber-Informed Engineering (CCE) to learn the latest on this critical subject. 

Episode 8: Cybersecurity – The Rebellious Child of IT

The relationship between IT and cybersecurity is more complicated than one may think. On this episode, we sit down with SNC systems security manager, Ian Perry, a recent U.S. Space Force retiree, to discuss how computer engineering, automation, machine learning and artificial intelligence are driving innovation while the cyber threats to these systems continue to grow. 

Episode 7: Bridging the Gap – Bringing Multidisciplinary Passions to Cybersecurity, Part 2 with Logan Sturm

In Part 2 of our series with ORNL Fellow Logan Sturm, we dive deeper into Logan’s multidisciplinary passions and how he bridges the gaps between mechanical engineering, cybersecurity and 3D printing to help advance innovation in the cyber industry.

Episode 6: Turning a Passion into a Career – Part 1 with Logan Sturm

Logan Sturm, a distinguished fellow at Oak Ridge National Laboratory goes to work daily doing what he loves. In part 1 of our two part series with Logan, hear about how he turned this passion for computers and engineering into a career discovering new technology and what he recommends for others looking to break into the cyber field.

Episode 5: Strengthening Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in Cybersecurity, Part 2

After 35 years in the cybersecurity field, Dr. Bhavani has seen a lot of changes. What was once a male-dominated profession has slowly seen the talents of women and minorities come more to the forefront. In part 2 of our discussion with Dr. Bhavani, we talk about her hopes for a future of cybersecurity, strengthened by a greater focus on diversity and inclusion.

Episode 4: What Does a Cyber Career Look Like, Part 1

In Part 1 of this two-part series, we meet Dr. Bhavani, an acclaimed professor with over 30 years of experience in the computer science/cybersecurity industry. In this episode, Dr. Bhavani discusses how the cybersecurity field has evolved since the early days of computers and the internet and the exciting possibilities for young professionals looking to make their careers in this evolving industry.

Episode 3: Cyber Education for Life – Becoming a Cyber Expert at Any Age

Cybersecurity is essential for everyone, whether a young child playing games on a tablet or an adult constantly bombarded with spam texts and phishing scams. While, for most people, cybersecurity congers the image of a techie in a dark room typing incoherent code, the U.S. Air Force Association’s CyberPatriot is working every day to change that image. To continue our look at cyber education, we sat down with Rachel Zimmerman, director of operations for CyberPatriot, who stresses the importance of cyber knowledge for all. 

EPISODE 2: Teaching Cyber – Empowering Educators, Inspiring Students

After months of prep, we are excited to share Season 2 of You Got Hacked with you! Before we dive into this season of educators, researchers, experts and more, we thought it would be fun to go behind-the-scenes episode so you can get to know our host, Ariel Stenger, and the people who work behind the mic.

Episode 1: A Look Ahead at Season 2

After months of prep, we are excited to share Season 2 of You Got Hacked with you! Before we dive into this season of educators, researchers, experts and more, we thought it would be fun to go behind-the-scenes episode so you can get to know our host, Ariel Stenger, and the people who work behind the mic.

Season 1

You Got Hacked Episode 12: Machine Learning, AI & the Future of Cybersecurity

For years, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (ML/AI) seemed something straight out of science fiction. Today, however, ML/AI is at the heart of innovative, cutting-edge technologies like self-driving cars, predictive text, smart home tools and more. On this episode of “You Got Hacked,” SNC software engineers Graham and Reid discuss this constantly evolving technology and what it means for the future of cybersecurity.

You Got Hacked Episode 11: Securing Your Identity through a Zero Trust Lens

Have you ever wondered how you can bolster your cybersecurity posture to protect your identity online? On this episode of “You Got Hacked,” Ariel sits down with Gavin Hunter, an identity security expert at SailPoint, to explore the IT side of zero trust architecture and how it can be implemented to better secure your identity.

You Got Hacked Episode 10: Securing Your Network

On this episode of “You Got Hacked,” we sit down with SNC systems engineers Josh A. and Steve P. to take a deep, technical dive into cyber-threats to business and personal networks and what individuals and companies can do to ensure personal data is safe and secure.

You Got Hacked Episode 9: Cyber Threats, National Security and the Space Domain, Part 2

In part 2 of our conversation with SNC’s Mike Manor, we dive deeper into the technical complexities involved in the Space domain and how we can better ensure the technologies we rely on, like GPS, cell phones, internet and more, can remain secure and functional in an increasingly dangerous threat landscape.

You Got Hacked Episode 8: Cyber Threats, National Security and the Space Domain, Part 1

Part 1 of this two-part episode of “You Got Hacked” features SNC’s own Mike Manor, who, after 25 years in the U.S. Air Force Space Command, helps shine a light on emerging cyber threats and the critical need to defend the ever-evolving Space domain as part of our national security strategy.

You Got Hacked Episode 7: Funding Secure Critical Infrastructure and what it means for you

This month, the House passed the $840 billion FY23 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), including specific provisions for identifying and securing our nation’s most at-risk critical infrastructure. As the NDAA works its way through the Senate and eventually to the President’s desk for signature, SNC’s Director of Cyber Programs Pete Fischer, joined host Ariel Stenger on this episode of “You Got Hacked” to dive into this important provision and what it means for the safety of our critical infrastructure systems and the communities that rely on them.

You Got Hacked Episode 6: Threats To Critical Infrastructure

On this episode of You Got Hacked, SNC’ system engineers Josh and Peter discuss the vulnerabilities facing our water systems, traffic lights, power grids and all the critical infrastructure that keeps our society moving. As communities across the country see firsthand how susceptible our nation’s critical infrastructure is to evolving threats – from changing climate and natural disasters to destructive cyber-attacks – understanding our vulnerabilities is essential to ensure our critical infrastructure remains safe and fully operational.

You Got Hacked Episode 5: The Purdue Model & the DMZ in a Zero Trust World

What do cybersecurity and the Wild West have in common? Is it the lack of laws? Malicious actors? The frontier mentality? According to Dr. Chuck Louisell, a chief data scientist with previous experience at Cisco Systems and Booz Allen Hamilton, the Wild West and cybersecurity have more in common than previously thought. On this episode of You Got Hacked, Dr. Louisell and Ariel discuss the Purdue Model, the DMZ and the Wild West of Cybersecurity.

You Got Hacked Episode 4: Anterix

SNC is not the only place innovating to secure our critical infrastructure and to help society adapt to the growing Internet of Things. In this episode, Steve Ryan from Anterix addresses a wide range of topics, including resilient technology, threats to broadband and the role of collaboration in keeping our communities safe and running.

You Got Hacked Episode 3: Critical Infrastructure Bill

With America’s critical infrastructure dangerously out of date, the committed leadership of Congress is essential to give our businesses and communities the resource necessary to ensure America can compete in the 21st century global economy. Tune is as experts Karen Wayland and Colleen Gaydos discuss the bipartisan critical infrastructure bill and what it means for our society.

You Got Hacked Episode 2: Robert Daugherty

We live in a world of increasing interconnectedness through the internet and the rapid development of new technologies, even as growing threats continue to put it all at risk. Learn all about the national perspective of cybersecurity and how businesses can ensure their systems and data remain safe from malicious actors with SNC’s Vice President of Security Robert Daugherty.

You Got Hacked Episode 1: Pete Fischer

Have you ever heard or wondered about endpoint security or operational technology (OT)? Listen to SNC’s Director of Cyber Programs Pete Fischer talk about how OT and cybersecurity impact your daily life.

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