Manufacturing can’t afford the revenue loss and repair costs imposed by cyberattacks. Simply put, continuous operation means revenue, and downtime equals a hit to the bottom line. Binary Armor protects manufacturing technology such as PLCs and RTUs from malicious code that could cause downtime, unsafe conditions, and loss of life.

Key Benefits:

Workflow Enforcement
By allowing only pre-approved, known safe messages to reach OT, Binary Armor protects against insider threats, human error and enforces workflow to reduce the likelihood of equipment damage & personnel injury.
Cyber Threat Protection
Binary Armor prevents disruption and damage to critical assets by protecting machine-to-machine communication from cyber threats.
Improved Human Factors
Secure Data Management
Binary Armor provides a secure method to bridge IT and OT networks.

Use Case

Binary Armor can be used to protect Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) and Remote Terminal Units (RTUs) in manufacturing control systems.

World-Class Certifications

  • Defense Informations Systems Agency (DISA)
  • National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) FIPS 140-2 Validated
  • Common Criteria
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