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Manufacturing can’t afford the revenue loss and repair costs imposed by cyberattacks. Simply put, continuous operation means revenue, and downtime equals a hit to the bottom line. Binary Armor protects manufacturing technology such as PLCs and RTUs from malicious code that could cause downtime, unsafe conditions, and loss of life.

Key Benefits:

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Workflow Enforcement
By allowing only pre-approved, known safe messages to reach OT, Binary Armor protects against insider threats, human error and enforces workflow to reduce the likelihood of equipment damage & personnel injury.
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Cyber Threat Protection
Binary Armor prevents disruption and damage to critical assets by protecting machine-to-machine communication from cyber threats.
Improved Human Factors
Secure Data Management
Binary Armor provides a secure method to bridge IT and OT networks.
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Use Case

Binary Armor can be used to protect Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) and Remote Terminal Units (RTUs) in manufacturing control systems.

World-Class Certifications

  • Defense Informations Systems Agency (DISA)
  • National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) FIPS 140-2 Validated
  • Common Criteria
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