Military Defense

Military & Defense

The Military and Defense sector is a target of relentless cyber probing and attack. Every defense platform, node, and facility is a potential target.

Binary Armor was initially developed to provide cyber protection for military platforms and facilities, and resulted in Binary Armor earning DISA, NIAP and FIPS certifications. Today, Binary Armor is deployed in military aircraft flying missions throughout the world.

Key Benefits:

Workflow Enforcement
By allowing only pre-approved, known safe messages to reach OT, Binary Armor protects against insider threats, human error and enforces workflow to reduce the likelihood of equipment damage & personnel injury.
Cyber Threat Protection
Binary Armor prevents disruption and damage to critical assets by protecting machine-to-machine communication from cyber threats.
Improved Human Factors
Secure Data Management
Binary Armor provides a secure method to bridge IT and OT networks.