Data Viper Use Case

Product Certifications Matter

Cybersecurity is all about risk reduction – including reducing risk in your cybersecurity buying decisions. But how do you know what technology to trust when all the cyber vendors claim their technology is the best? The first rule of thumb is to seek independent third-party verification of vendors’ claims. SNC is proud of the Binary Armor patented technology which has led to several demanding, successful third-party tests and certifications. When you don’t know what to trust – trust Binary Armor.

Binary Armor Security Certifications:

NIAP Common Criteria Approved

  • Certification date: 08/07/18
  • Validation Report: CCEVS-VR-VID10879-2018
  • Product Type: Network Device
  • Conformance Claim: Protection Profile Compliant

DoDIN Approved Product List – Sept 2018

  • Only approved OT and control system cyber security solution on APL
  • Sierra